Workshops / Seminars

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  • Workshop on good laboratory practice for instrumentation using radioactive sources, visit of Professor Gary Eiceman of the New Mexico State University, 16 January 2014, NTUA premises
  • Workshop on breath analysis for forensic and security applications, visit of Professor Anton Amann, Director of the Breath Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 31st Octorber & 1st November 2013, NTUA premises
  • Council of Europe Workshop on Defense of Villages, Farms and Other Rural Assets against Wildfires: Guidelines for Rural Populations, Local Community and Municipality Leaders in the Balkan Region 13 May 2013 NTUA premises
  • Workshop on applications of ion mobility spectrometry, visit of Professor Gary Eiceman of the New Mexico State University, from the  29th October - 2nd November 2012, NTUA premises
  • Workshop on the integration of methods for fire safety, Visit of Professor Weicheng Fan, Director of the Center for Public Safety Research, Tsinghua University, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 23 August 2011, NTUA premises
  • Seminar on "Process Analytical Technology (PAT)" by Professor Nicolas Abatzoglou, PhD, Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 24 June 2010, NTUA premises
  • Video conference entitled "Recent developments and needs for wildfire fighting on the ground: Tactics and technologies", 10 June 2010 (
  • Workshop entitled "Human rights in disasters: Search and rescue operations in disasters especially for vulnerable people", 5-6 November 2009, Athens, Greece (