Selected projects

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DARIUS: Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems ( [EC FP7 THEME 10 Security]

SGL for USaR: Second Generation Locator for Urban Search and Rescue operations ( [EC FP7 THEME 10 Security].

FIRELI: Fire Retardant Hoses Lines for Forestry Fire-Fighting Applications ( [EC FP7 THEME Capacities Research for SMEs].

Joint Greece-UK project: Analysis of odors in waste water treatment plants and monitoring of dispersion into the urban environment, in co-operation with the University of Greenwich.

ERAS: Extended Retardants Application Systems [EC FP6 project].

ACRE: Additifs Chimique Rheologie Evaluation, [EC Programme Environment and Climate 1994-1998 - Topic 2.3.4].

Joint Greece-China project: Investigation of the characteristics of the forest fire at its early stage and its control, in co-operation with the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science of China.

Development of Guidelines for the Defense of Rural Populations, Settlements and other Assets Against Wildfires and Smoke Pollution: A joint project in the framework of the Council of Europe Network of Specialized Euro-Mediterranean Centres (